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My Pink Docs brings an authentic, informative, and humorous voice to substantial issues facing multifaceted millennial women. Feminism, fashion, and everything else are covered in relatable ways meant to inspire “me too” moments. You don’t fit into one box, so why should your reading material?

Named for a pair of life-changing lace-up Dr. Martens boots, this blog’s sole mission is to help you initiate empowering conversations—within yourself and with others—that enable you to use feminism and fashion as powerful tools for self-expression.

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Hi, I'm Ariel. 

I come from a small town in North Georgia and a family of storytellers. My earliest works include a list of what I'm thankful for (chicken nuggets and my parents, in that order) but I have since expanded to writing relatable stories aimed at connecting people through "me too" moments.

When I'm not writing short bios on the internet, I enjoy vintage shopping, modern art, and saving things I'll probably never get around to reading on Facebook.

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