Night & Day Styling Tips with JORD Watches

Dress:  Free People;  Watch:  JORD;  Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff

Dress: Free People; Watch: JORD; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

This week on My Pink Docs, let’s look at styling something a little intimidating: the large-faced watch.


While I'll always love dainty gold jewelry, there's nothing quite like the bold feeling that comes with sporting something meant to be seen—something with a lot of color and even more personality! 


That's why I teamed up with JORD to style their Purpleheart & Plum Frankie watch for night and day looks with some sweet new arm candy. Read below to see how I’m wearing my new favorite timepiece and be sure to enter my first GIVEAWAY (what?!) to win a JORD watch of your own!


Wearing JORD On Your Next Night Out

Dress:  Free People;  Watch:  JORD;  Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff;  Rings:  Topshop;  Boots:  New Look

Dress: Free People; Watch: JORD; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Rings: Topshop; Boots: New Look


My nighttime looks have lately consisted of ‘70s rock n’ roll vibes (bold, flowing prints and thick heeled boots) mixed with delicate details (smaller rings, a pop of color in my accessories, etc.).


For this look, I paired a secondhand Free People shift dress and some of my favorite dainty, gold Topshop rings with chunky New Look ankle boots and the JORD Purpleheart & Plum watch from the Frankie collection. The dress and details might say relaxed and spontaneous, but the kickass boots and watch say don’t waste my time (see what I did there?).


JORD All Day, Everyday

Sweater:  Anthropologie,  Watch:  JORD;  Ring:  Topshop;  Ice Cream:  Jenis, duh

Sweater: Anthropologie, Watch: JORD; Ring: Topshop; Ice Cream: Jenis, duh

My Pink Docs is about wearing what makes you stand out for all the right reasons—and feel great while doing it! JORD gets this, which is why all of their watches are actually wooden; each timepiece is hand-crafted and unique to you.


These ice cream cones didn’t last long, but I know this watch will; the classic face with modern lines and bold color palette create a timeless look without fading into the background.


For this daytime look, I mixed retro vibes—I must be subconsciously feeling the 1970s right now—with the modern design of the JORD Purpleheart & Plum watch.


The Anthropologie striped sweater was a no-brainer when looking for something that pairs with the boldness of the watch. It’s the perfect transitional piece for this time of year when it’s 50 degrees in the morning and 500 degrees in the afternoon.


The high-waisted Pyrus jeans were also an easy choice...and perfect for concealing my onset ice cream consumption! But the hardest decision of the day? Choosing a Jeni’s ice cream flavor, of course.

Sweater:  Anthropologie;  Watch:  JORD;  Jeans:  Pyrus

Sweater: Anthropologie; Watch: JORD; Jeans: Pyrus


And just so I don’t sound like a used car salesman (although I’m definitely on the hunt for a great pinstriped suit), check out JORD for yourself. They’re legit. They’ve got incredible styles for even the pickiest watch-wearer.


And if you’re feelin’ lucky, enter my JORD giveaway (say what?!). One lucky person will receive $100 towards the JORD watch of their dreams, and everyone who enters will get a $25 JORD gift code! I’m hoping the winner makes this face:


Ready for your chance to win $100 to the JORD watch of your choice? Enter the JORD Watch Giveaway here. And the best part: even if you don’t win, you’ll STILL receive a $25 gift code from JORD once the contest expires!


Whether you’re a diehard watch-wearer or on the fence about adding an everyday accessory, I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about this incredible and unique brand! Thank you so, so much to JORD for letting me be a part of this campaign.


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