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Originally purchased for a music festival in 2014, these multifaceted shoes—flirty yet tough, eye-catching yet versatile—became my signature piece and an extension of myself.

I still remember the first time I put on my pink Dr. Martens lace up boots. Brightly colored, distinctively shaped, and heavier than any shoe I had ever worn—they would certainly stand up to the elements at the upcoming music festival for which they were purchased. After the first newborn fawn-like steps, I found my bearings and felt something I hadn’t felt in months: bold.


My pink Docs came to me at a pivotal time. It was 2014: I was in my third year of undergrad and feeling out of control in nearly every aspect of my life. After months of pity partying, I decided to attend a music festival with a large group of friends and knew I’d need some statement pieces to stand out in the crowd (in more ways than one, because I’m also very short and tend to get lost easily in large groups of people).


The shoes were just meant to be worn to an unfamiliar place where I could dress however I wanted without judgement—but the confidence boost I received from those conversation starters followed me back home. I began incorporating my pink Docs into every outfit imaginable to continue creating that bold feeling. This empowered me to make bold moves in fashion, in meeting new people, and in exploring the city I called home. Nothing was too scary as long as I was wearing my pink Docs.


Once I realized I had that feeling of empowerment all of the time, I knew I had the Docs to thank (yes, it was a very Wizard of Oz “ruby slippers moment”.) These multifaceted shoes—flirty yet tough, eye-catching yet versatile—became my signature piece and an extension of myself.


It’s no surprise that I came into my feminism around this same time. In wearing the pink version of a traditionally masculine shoe, I redefined my own ideas of gendered fashion and color psychology: combat boots were no longer “boyish”; pink wasn’t “just for girls” anymore. And that is so freakin’ freeing.


I started My Pink Docs (the blog) to channel that feeling of empowerment through my lifelong passion, writing. At my lowest points, I wrote to escape and to heal. Now, I am using this platform to help multifaceted millennial women initiate empowering conversations that enable them to confidently explore feminism and fashion as tools for self-expression.


...Whew, I know that’s a lot to take in!


What I’m trying to say is that my pink Docs (the shoes) made life less scary for me. Now, it is my hope that My Pink Docs (the blog) will make talking about real issues—quarter life conundrums, feminism today, and breaking out of your fashion bubble—less scary for both of us.